RGBW 5050 60LEDS

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RGB Series including RGB, RGBW and RGBWW is very popular on the market. Best choice for entertainment decorated KTV, festival decorations, activities, exhibition and personal DIY home decoration.


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  • LED: Quality 5050RGB+5050W, or 4 in 1 5050RGB, or 5 in 1 5050 RGB chip
  • PCB: Double copper layer 2OZ/3OZ/4OZ (Thickness), 5mm / 6mm/8mm/10mm (width)
  • 3M self-adhesive tape
  • Bendable, high durable, cuttable, re-connectable with various connectors
  • Convenient field usage with cutting and connecting to desired length



  • Decorating backlight
  • Advertising lighting box, Billboard, Signage, letters, logos
  • Lighting for showcase, shelf, cabinet
  • Lighting for hotel, garden, bridge, corridor, ceiling, stair, floor, cove, theatre, lift etc.
  • Path or contour mark, contour lights
  • Outdoor building decoration lighting
  • Entertainment decorated KTV, festival decorations, activities, exhibition, personal DIY home decoration


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